The intunity program is particularly dedicated for people who want to develop comprehensively and broaden their horizons by taking inspiration from music.

Everybody may benefit from the intunity program, regardless of age, history of music education, experience, and even regardless of the most critical self-evaluation of their abilities.

Intunity aims at teaching anyone effectively how to play a musical instrument – let us emphasize the word: anyone! – who will join the program.


tune your life

It is possible to join the intunity program at any time during the year – and importantly – it is also possible to resign from the program at any moment.

The intunity program offers individual music lessons that are adjusted to the personality and needs of each participant.

Intunity favours the principle of flexibility, which means that each participant decides the place and frequency of meetings.

The intunity team consists of professional musicians who are passionate about performing music and can effectively “infect with the music bug”. Their main guiding principle states: There are no unmusical people, only those who haven’t benefited from the intunity program”.


"Muzyka to najlepszy język do poruszenia serc ludzi na całym świecie"

Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin

intunity team


Kamil Serefko

piano teacher